Monday, March 1, 2010

Theme and Performance Schedule

January 16 & 17 Divination: Travis Freeman(games&tarot), Lindsay Montgomery (Tarot Card), Andrea Steudel(palm reading), Sinan Goknur(turkish grounds reading)

January 23 & 24 Media Magic: David Donovan (light installation), Wisconsin Cousins(SMG and J DIZZY), Maneli Aygani(micro stop-motion installation),Potter-Belmar (live-cinema), Davey T Steinman(voice scrubber magic hand), Andrea Steudel (the SPARKLE VJ/DJ set), Janet Skidmore

January 30 & 31 Puppet Pandemonium: Michael Sommers, Karen Haselmann, Davey T Steinman, Mark Knierem, Justin Spooner & Benjamin Desbois, Kevin Long, Rachel James, Robin Schwartzman, Lindsay Montgomery

February 6 & 7 FaeryTail Forest: TJ Barnes, Joshua Winkler, Davey T Steinman, Tenzin Khando, Rachel James, Lindsay Montgomery, Caroline, Captain Yonder Band, Janaki Ranpura(pico projection)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Calling All Photos/Videos

If you came out to the shanties and have photo and/or video of the FantaShanty, we'd like to see it, perhaps even use it on our blog! Please e-mail any files and links to Thanks to all who came out to see us on the ice this year. We were overwhelmed with your compliments and had lots of fun sharing our forest with you.

Story Telling/Final Weekend (Feb. 6 & 7)

It was our last weekend out on the lake, and the turnout was huge! I read short children's stories throughout the two days. We also had poetry readings by Josh Winkler and a series of short performances by the amazing Michael Sommers of Open Eye Figure Theater.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Puppet Pandemonium (Jan. 30 & 31)

Video of Davey T. Steinman's performance!
FantaShanty in Metro Magazine.

Thanks to Captain Yonder, Justin Spooner and Benjamin Desbois, and Davey T. Steinman for coming out to perform this weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Media Magic (Jan. 23 & 24)

We planned for extreme cold and snow, but we did not expect so much rain. This weekend was very, very wet(not very good for a media weekend). But lots of people still came out. We had great performances by Potter-Belmar Labs, Janet Skidmore, and Homerr. In addition the shanty was decked out with flying light bulbs by David Donovan, beautiful tree knot holes by Andrea Steudel and a tiny animation by Maneli Aygani.

Divination Weekend (Jan. 16 & 17)

Opening weekend was a hit! Lindsay Montgomery and Travis Freeman came out to give tarot card readings. Andrea Steudel, the loop specialist, gave palm readings and Sinan Goknur came out to do Turkish Coffee Readings. Thanks to all who stopped by.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Last Weds. night Rachel, Josh, Corey and I decided to break the shanty in by sleeping in it out on the ice. It was nice and warm with the fire going...until we woke up to no more fire. It was also quite an experience hearing the ice crack underneath us! The next morning we took some pre-public photos to get some documentation of the shanty at it's best. There are also some pics from opening weekend. Enjoy!